Gaby (squaringkarma) wrote in starsandmars,

GG casting spoiler

Unlike the last time a casting spoiler was discussed on this community, this time the casting spoiler is for Gilmore Girls.

Read under the cut to learn more. You will have to highlight to learn about the character. Be warned that you may learn more about the character if you read the comments.

It's Krysten Ritter who played the ditzy Gia Goodman on season 2 Veronica Mars. I was looking around on her IMDb page because I saw she had a new headshot and I wanted to icon it. And what do you know? She's gonna be on GG, her first episode is the fourth episode of the new season, "'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous." Her character is Lucy, one of two artsy students Rory befriends at an art show in that episode.

Source: Actor's IMDb as well as Spoilerfix.

Please keep on topic when replying to this post, DO NOT discuss the VM casting spoiler briefly mentioned above. I do not like to know VM casting spoilers (it's bad enough I was spoiled for the one alluded to above), I do not mind knowing GG casting spoilers. Thank you!
Tags: casting spoiler, gg
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Sorry for leaving what is basically a useless comment, but I love your icon.

*runs and hides*
Aw dankes! Mac rules!

(And by keeping on topic, I just didn't want people to think it was okay to discuss that other casting spoiler or other VM spoilers.)
Yeah, I got that, but I always feel like I should apologise when I leave a comment like that. Maybe I'm just--- no, actually, there's no "maybe" about it: I'm weird. The end.