bergiebergeron (bergiebergeron) wrote in starsandmars,

Getting Gilmore Fans into VM

I've found that a lot of Veronica Mars fans are already Gilmore Girls fans but not the contrary. If we want Veronica Mars to live a long and happy life, we need to keep the Gilmore fans so could anybody lead me to some communities (boards would be best) and/or help me pimp the show there with the Comic-Con Promo and possibly the pilot on YouTube?
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Well, if it's any consolation, I was a Gilmore Girls fan first. But people kept talking about VM in the gilmore_girls community and how great it was and how there's a Logan on that show too and it's so clever and so on and so forth. So this summer when I had tons of free time, my curiosity get the best of me and I decided to give it a chance. And I got hooked. (Although I admit, the show wasn't what I expected.)

So, I wouldn't be too worried if I were you. I doubt I'm the only one who got curious, and I can tell you from experience that people were posting about VM in gilmore_girls quite frequently. (I don't know if they still are because I stopped looking at that commununity. Too many spoilers.)
Just a warning not to go too overboard. I heard some fans of other shows got annoyed with VM and swore not to watch it, because our fans were flooding their message boards pimping it.
I love your icon!
Heh, thanks!
I echo the sentiment above. Let's hold off on the pimping in Gilmore forums. If there are long time Gilmore fans that have developed credibility in certain forums, then I think they can pimp but for the rest of us, I say no. Think about how annoyed we'd be if people came barrelling into our forums and comms bugging us to watch even a 3 min. vid.
LOL. Plus, they are gonna have like 85 VM commercials during their premiere. They'll watch if they want to.

Deleted comment

It is a struggling show. It barely scrapped a third season, and the contract at the moment is 13 episodes, not 22. If the ratings do as badly as last year, it will be cancelled, possibly mid-season.
I agree. I think that the flood of promos will at least prompt some curiosity. So hopefully the first few eps will be good enough to lure curiosity seekers into staying.
I always make it a point to pic VM icons when posting in non-VM communities. I think that's a good way of promoting the show, without being to forceful.
i was a GG fan first, but actually... joss whedon got me to try out VMARS