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Looking for an old question about a GG/VM crossover

I was wondering if someone who's NOT a total spoilerphobe like me could do me a favor.

I remember a long time ago, there was a question in "Ask Ausiello" about a possible Gilmore Girls & Veronica Mars crossover. I'm guessing it was shortly after the WB/UPN merge was announced. I didn't watch VM at the time so I don't remember now what it said (besides the fact that it's highly unlikely it'll ever happen).

Anyway, I wanted to go find that question in the "Ask Ausiello" archive, but I clicked on his page and all I get is "AUSIELLO READ THE GILMORE GIRLS SEASON PREMIERE!" I don't read spoilers, so I quickly got out of there before reading anything I don't want to know. I'm too scared to do any more searching around the site because I don't want to accidentally read spoilers for either show.

So, could someone here who doesn't care about spoilers please find the question and a link to the old page for me? Thanks so much!
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