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Mars timeline

Hope it's ok to ask this here.

I'm pretty new to VM and am currently halfway through season 2, but I have a question about season one that has been bugging me, hope you can help

In the episode, A Trip to the Dentist, Veronica finds out what happened to her at the party, but I find the timeline confusing. She gets to the party, Madison gives her the drink, later she's on the lounge chair where they're doing body shots, and Duncan comes and saves her, taking her away. Logan gives Duncan the drug too. So, does Duncan then take her to the room? If so, when do Dick and Beaver come into it? Does Duncan leave her there, the other two come in, go away, and Duncan comes back later?

Am I being really dense?

(It also really bugs me that the continuity is off in this ep, as the wall behind the bed was originally glass. I'm just picky I guess).

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