Carrie (cellardor) wrote in starsandmars,

Past/Present VM GG crossovers

After the recent crossovers on both VM and GG (GG's Logan as the other Logan's 'brother' and Gia from VM as Rory's new friend), I noticed some past crossovers. On GG, Deputy Leo appears as one of Dean's friends on his stag do (bachelor party for the US folk), and Teddy Dunne plays a boy Emily sets Rory up with at the end of season 4, sorry I can't remember names of episodes, but she ends up calling Dean in to save her.

Anyone have anymore?

I'm hoping none of these are spoilers for anyone.
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Butters, Principal Clemmons son works at the newspaper office in GG.
He does! I had seen that and forgotten. See, they're everywhere.